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  1. What problems do you have in setting up international trade contracts?

    • Too many unstructured emails
    • Misunderstandings about Incoterms
    • Misunderstandings on documents for export or import clearance
    • Misunderstandings about payment terms
    • Inconsistency in LC documents
    • Too much time to reach a common agreement on contract terms
    • Unclear insurance coverage, who is responsible for which part of the shipment
    • Unclear customs clearance regulations
    • Language problems
    • Cultural problems
    • Time lag problems
    • Other
  2. What problems do you have in monitoring your imports and exports?

    • Unclear estimated time of arrival
    • Unclear responsibility for insurance coverage for lost or damaged goods between you and your trading partner
    • Unclear information on delays for expected shipments
    • Lack of visibility of CO2 footprint
    • Too many email or telephone communications with your LSP on ETAs
    • Unreliable logistics service provider
    • Others
  3. What problems do you have in securing payments for your exports?

    • Too high cost for letters of credit
    • No willingness of your customer to pay in advance
    • Loss of sales due to too high credit risk of your customers bank rating
    • Loss of sales due to too high country risk of your customer
    • Too complicated process for receiving an LC
    • Others
  4. What problems do you have in receiving the goods you need to import?

    • Too high costs for letter of credit, asked by your supplier
    • No trust for reliable shipment
    • No trust in paying in advance to your supplier
    • Too high finance costs for advance payment from your bank
    • Too complicated process for issuing an LC
    • Disrupted supply chains due to war or Covid
    • Others
  5. What is your average transaction value?

    • 0 € - 50 K€
    • 51 K€ - 150 K€
    • 151 K€ - 500 K€
    • 501 K€ - 1 M€
    • Above 1 M€
  6. For which markets do you use advance payment or Letter of Credit as payment method?

    • USA & Canada
    • Mexico, Central and Latin America
    • Africa
    • Europe & UK
    • Oceania
    • Middle East Asia
    • China
    • India
    • Rest of Asia
  7. What other pain points are you facing in your international trading process?

  8. Would you like to know more about SmartLoC?

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    • No


SmartLoC helps international trading partners to simplify the order to payment cycle through easy, digital and secure collaboration, IoT based multimodal tracking and secure and easy payment and collection.

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